Going back to sport - Purple tales

Going back to sport!

I recently experienced a huge gloominess and I decided to speak about it in details in a post dedicated to body acceptance and self-confidence (available right here). The post is very long (A huge thank…

Purple tales favoris des internets juin 2017
On the internet

Digital favourites – June 2017

Here we are, already mid-July. When you take some time to think about it, it’s crazy how time goes by so quickly! In this post, as usual, I introduce you all my digital favourites of…

Purple tales Mon corps ma bataille

My body, my battle

Since I created this blog each day I feel more and more comfortable, in my place in this personal space. I try to make this blog a friendly place for everyone and where everyone can…

Purple tales 40 choses qui me rendent heureuse

40 things that make me happy

Today I want to do something different, I want to focus on the few things that make me really happy. Because sometimes it’s the only thing that matters, being happy, just for a minute. So…

Purple tales Sélection de 4 jolis films

4 movies I love

After fighting a bad virus, I am back! I want things to return to their normal state, to rework, and, of course, to share other articles with you here on the blog. And, on this…

Purple tales - Favoris des internets mai 2017
On the internet

Digital favourites – May 2017

After being ill recently, I finally come back today with a new blog post about my digital favourites. I start slowly to find a good rhythm of writing so I take the opportunity to share…

Purple tales bougies

Home: vegetable candles

I slowly but surely turn towards more eco-friendly products. For example, I take a closer look at all the everyday products and accessories that are used for cooking or decorating, and I try to turn…

Purple tales alimentaires

My current favourite food products

If I had to define myself in a few words, food lover would probably be at the top of the list, or in the top 5 for sure. I like to discover new flavours, I…

Purple tales lundi

5 reasons to love Monday

We often say that Sundays are cool, and we quite hate Mondays because Mondays are rough, Mondays are the sign that a new week is here, that we must go to work, etc. Don’t be…

Purple tales achats

My recent purchases

Today I want to talk about my two big purchases of the month of April. Well, I bought tools for the garden and vegetable garden, an electric wire for the meadow of the horse and…

Purple tales avril
On the internet

Digital favourites – April 2017

Here we go again! Like every month, it’s time for me to share with you a list of my digital favourites, a selection of blogs, Instagram accounts and Youtube channel that I loved to discover…

Purple tales

A nice day with my horse

I spent a few days away from the blog and from social media. It was not necessarily wanted, I was just occupied with many things! With Spring that has officially settled, the garden blooms and…